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Polish windows, remove graffiti, gather up flying dust and much more with our selection of industrial-quality aerosol cleaners. MEBULBS™ has been leading the industry in premium lighting products since 1974, and now we help you make sure the items and surfaces that those lights shine down look as impressive as can be under our brighter, whiter light. Our Xtreme Duty™ cleaner, stain removers and lubricants are made for surfaces indoors and outdoors and can be used everywhere from manufacturing plants to residential apartments. They are formulated with no ozone-damaging chemicals and work fast so you can get surfaces clean and get on with your day.

While many industrial cleaners are designed for specialty purposes, our aerosol chemicals are fit for multiple surfaces and uses without causing damage. MEBULBS Graffiti Remover gel can be used on everything from brick to marble and removes most marks within 30 seconds of application. Our glass window cleaners can also cut through fingerprints and grime on windshields, tiles and home appliances. If people in your home have dust allergies, they’ll love our dust mop treater that helps gather up flying particles while maintaining a floor’s gloss. If moisture is causing hinges and locks to rust or corrode, loosen them up with a super-powerful lubricant that resists electrical current and never evaporates.

From carpet cleaners to degreasers, MEBULBS has the cleaning solvents you need to tackle even the toughest messes. These fast-acting products are simple to use and remove stains and spots fast with no harsh scrubbing or unpleasant odors. All you have to do is spray them on, wait the recommended amount of time – usually less than a minute – and wipe them off. Save on having to hire professional cleaning services by using our affordable aerosol cleaners that come in large quantities. Businesses will want these cleaners in the hands of their custodial staff as well to handle messy disasters that can strike at any time. Call or email us to find out more about bulk orders.