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MEBULBS™ knows there’s more to having a good-looking home, office, factory or park than just good lighting. Our engineers have developed a leading line of household cleaning chemicals to keep everything from windows to walkways as pristine as they were on day one. These industrial-quality cleaning products are manufactured in the U.S. to be both effective and environmentally friendly. We offer both aerosol and liquid cleaners that can be used on multiple surfaces to remove stains and build-up, loosen rusty parts, break down grease and protect equipment at the competitive prices MEBULBS is known for.

Our Xtreme Duty™ cleaning products meet the same design and quality standards as our lighting products. Find glass cleaners that cut through grime, drain uncloggers that prevent build-up, spot removers for carpet and upholstery, stain absorber to remove oils and greases and many other cleaners. We carry both specialty and multi-use cleaners that can be used to make any room shine. Products such as hinge lubricant and foaming degreasers will be right at home in your garage as well for loosening rusty parts or cleaning up from spills. Our maintenance solvents come in large quantities so you get great value and never have to worry about running out.

If you’re tired of cleaning the same area repeatedly, then trust MEBULBS for industrial down to residential cleaners. Our products are so powerful that no matter how dirty or grimy something is, you usually only have to clean it once. This means less time spent cleaning and less wear on floors, windows and surfaces. Select a product in either our aerosol or liquid category to view the safety data sheet and see other uses and benefits beyond those on the label. Our customer service team is also happy to tell you more about our line of chemicals that can make anyone look like a professional cleaner.