Reward$ are earned by the person registered on the Password protected Reward$ ACCOUNTS. Only you or people you have given your PASSWORD to can use these Reward$. These Reward$ may be used to purchase anything in the MEBULBS Catalog including Personal items, Gift Cards and all Lighting Products. The Reward$ are available for your use as soon as purchased merchandise is received, accepted and paid for.

How do I earn Reward$?

For every purchase from, you will receive Reward$ based on the product purchased.  Below is the legend for determining your Reward$ for each product:

                1% - Earn 1% of the purchase

                2% - Earn 2% of the purchase

                3% - Earn 3% of the purchase

                4% - Earn 4% of the purchase

                5% - Earn 5% of the purchase     

How do I know what my Reward$ percentage is?

The percentage will be listed by the price on the website or in the catalog it will be right after the code.

How do I redeem my Reward$?

Go to, login to your account, pick your item and “purchase” it with your Reward$.

What if I don’t have enough Reward$ for what I want?

You can buy additional Reward$ when you check out.

If I buy MEBULBS products today, when are my Reward$ available to use.

Your Reward$ will be available 1 business day after the order is placed.

Do my Reward$ expire?

No, your Reward$ don’t expire.

Can I buy light bulbs with my Reward$?


Although our engineers spend most of their waking moments working towards effective lighting solutions, we know there’s more to life than just lights – at least for our customers. The MEBULBS™ Rewards Program allows you to earn points on lighting products you were planning to buy anyway. You can then redeem them for numerous personal items and merchandise for work or play. Earning Reward$ is easy – just shop as you normally would, and we will automatically credit them one business day after purchase to the person registered on the account. Earn up to five percent on lamps, fixtures, ballasts and more without doing any additional work.

Once you’ve saved you or your company hundreds of dollars in future energy costs while acquiring the brightest, whitest lighting, you can treat yourself here in our Reward$ store. We have office supplies, outdoor supplies, gourmet food and drink, personal accessories and other items to make your leisure time more fun. Pick up grilling supplies for camping, Bluetooth wireless speakers for your favorite tunes, golf balls for your next round, fishing lures to land a great catch or a messenger bag for toting files. Each Rewards Program item is made to the same high standards as our premium lights and many of our selections ship for free so you truly don’t pay a dime.

Did you have something else in mind other than what we currently offer? Cash in your Reward$ for a gift card from companies such as American Express® and Dick’s Sporting Goods. See an item you just have to have even though you don’t have the Reward$ for it? You can buy more Reward$ at a dollar-for-dollar rate. Or you can just use your Reward$ to order more incredible lighting products! We believe in doing more for our customers, and with the MEBULBS Rewards Program, you can save money on something practical while getting something fun in return. Check back often to see what’s new!