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New LED post top fixture will bring energy efficient lighting to your environment.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Newly added to our stock is this wonderful post top fixture that will update old fixtures by introducing a new, modern design. It is 80 watts, and can replace lights ranging from 150-250 watts. It can even replace 320, depending on the age and use of the lamp. The voltage it can handle is 120-277V. With an easy wiring installation, threading it onto a 2 3/8” pipe, and using six Allen screws, you will have a light that can provide an even 360° beam around its installation site. The fixture has a 105° beam spread and won’t dim over time. As such, it will continuously provide a bright, white light that will convey a sense of safety, guaranteed, for up to seven years.

If that was not enough, the overall quality of the product will win you over. The shell of the fixture is made of aluminum with built in air holes to disperse heat away from the quality LED chip and premium-quality driver. The fixture instantly turns on, making it great for cold weather climates. And to top it all off, it has all the listed benefits while maintaining a reliable 47-70%+ energy saving.

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