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MEBULBS™ has the best lighting products on the market for people who demand high performance and budget-friendly pricing. We offer industrial quality lighting down to residential quality lighting fixtures, lamps and accessories that are brighter, whiter and more efficient while costing less to operate. Since 1974, MEBULBS has been dedicated to designing the best lights that offer the most value for your money. Our engineers then source the best manufacturing facilities and components to turn those designs into reality. From premium lighting fixtures, down to residential lamps that are as good as or better than those found at big box stores, we are the source for the highest-quality lights including fluorescent lighting and LED lighting.

Find dozens of indoor and outdoor light styles when you shop our wide selection. We carry LED lighting, compact fluorescent lighting, metal halide lighting, halogen lighting and much more made to the highest industry standards. Whether you need fluorescent tubes for a manufacturing plant or high-pressure sodium bulbs for security lighting, we have something to fit your needs and budget. By incorporating technology such as Xtreme Duty™ LED XtraBrite™ and Vibra-Shok® filament supports, MEBULBS lighting products have the longest guaranteed life in the industry, lasting tens of times longer than their standard lamp counterparts. Even our general service incandescent lighting can be counted on for years of a clean, reliable glow.

Select a category to look at dozens of the best lamps and lighting fixtures on the market. Many business owners count on our industrial lighting products to keep their entertainment venues, stores, gyms, farms, warehouses and other facilities lit around the clock without constantly having to replace bulbs. We also have a special section of residential and light commercial lighting for lower-volume users. Our highly trained representatives are ready to assist you in finding the uniquely designed lighting that is a perfect match for your situation. Call or email us today to find out more about our line of premium lighting!


Shipping costs have been climbing, especially for products longer than 4’ long. Our fixture conversion options will make your existing fixtures more cost efficient.

Eliminate slow starting, flickering CFL's using our line of Direct Install or Ballast Bypass LED lamps. Replace CFL flood lamps with our LED Direct Install lamps. For CFL recessed canisters, check out our horizontal mount LED lamps.

The latest LED Fixture MEBULBS has made available provides a wide range of flexibility. Choose from 30, 35 or 40 watts and 3500k, 4100K or 5000K. The wrap around diffuser provides a wide spread of light, which is ideal for areas with low ceilings.