Triple 4-pin CFLs from MEBULBS™ are made to produce premium light for a number of commercial applications. Also known as twin-tube fluorescent lighting, plug-in compact fluorescents use up to 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. They also have a safer design with lower mercury levels and tough construction. Triple compact fluorescent lighting is at its best in higher-temperature environments such as enclosed fixtures, work areas and factory floors, but it can also be used in freezing temperatures as well. As such, our premium 4-pin lighting is popular for everything from security lighting to display lighting. And with lamps available that are equal to 200-watt incandescent bulbs, you can find the bright, powerful light you need.

Many ordinary CFL lamps are poorly built, which leads to inefficient operation, early burnouts and frequent replacements. But at MEBULBS, our staff sources the top manufacturing facilities around the globe to build our triple 4-pin fluorescents exactly as specified. This superior build quality gives them the longest guaranteed life while saving users hundreds of dollars a year on energy consumption and lamp replacements. Of course, this means a lot more when you’re experiencing high-quality light. Our Premira® fluorescent technology burns more than 50 percent brighter than standard residential lamps with a natural-looking glow that increases comfort and productivity. It’s like bringing the daylight inside when you arrive at work.

We have a wide selection and affordable prices on our 4-pin triple CFLs. Simply select your wattage preference above to see all our color temperature and quality options. Each wattage has a unique base made for specific fixtures, so be sure to check your lighting system before ordering. Our customer service representatives are available to assist as well by phone or email. MEBULBS has been a worldwide leader in energy-saving fluorescent lighting for more than 40 years and continues to develop innovations. Learn more by clicking on a CFL lamp or giving us a call!