T12 HO (High Output)

At MEBULBS™, our lighting staff knows how important brighter, whiter light is in any condition. If you have older T12 fixtures, then our T12 High Output (HO) fluorescent lights are the right place to look for new bulbs. We have a full range of T12HO lamps from four-foot F48T12’s all the way up to ultra-bright eight-foot F96T12/HO double contact lamps. Each one is manufactured to get the most out of your T12 fixture no matter where it’s located. By using up to 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs while giving off a superior light, they will increase your bottom line and productivity.

Our industrial T12HO fluorescents are fully rated for inclement weather and will start at temperatures as low as 20 degrees below zero. This makes them a fantastic choice for freezers, coolers and outdoor lots in addition to more common uses. Unlike older residential lamp designs that are hard on the eyes because of flickering and dimness, Xtreme Duty™ T12HO linear tubes have a brighter, whiter and steadier glow. This is thanks to Xtrabrite™ color, which creates a more natural light for better clarity. And they don’t just start brighter – they stay brighter, as cathode shields keep lumen loss as low as five percent over their effective life.

We have up to three levels of Xtreme Duty T12 high output lights so you can choose the ones that fit your budget and lighting demands. Each of them has a premium quality design to improve visual comfort, reflect more accurate colors and reduce fading of objects. These fluorescent lamps have the longest life of any T12HO bulb, giving you up to six guaranteed years of premium light even under the most intense commercial use. MEBULBS has competitive prices now that save you the most money later, making our fluorescents the best value available. And we have personalized service for all our accounts so you know you’re getting the best solution every time!