Our plug-in CFLs are an affordable way to reduce energy use and operating expenses while enjoying better lighting than ever before. MEBULBS™ has an assortment of twin 2-pin fluorescent lighting solutions designed by our expert engineers and manufactured by sourcing the best components and facilities. Two-pin CFL lamps can be used with magnetic ballasts for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Install these brighter, whiter lights as security lighting, display lighting, work station lighting, emergency exit lighting and much more. You’ll get access to the most effective fluorescent lighting technology on the market without having to switch your fixtures to electronic ballasts.

Standard fluorescent lamps emit a harsh yellow glare of light that is dim and wasteful, leading to early burnouts and achy eyes. Our Premira® twin 2-pin fluorescents, on the other hand, give off a crisp white light that is clearer and more accurate at any color temperature. And by using Xtrabrite™ technology, our team has created a CFL that burns up to 61 percent brighter than big box store residential CFLs. The construction of these lamps is top-notch as well with an extended life design that uses energy and resources more efficiently. In fact, we guarantee they’ll last up to 12 times longer than standard CFLs!

MEBULBS has twin 2-pin plug-in CFLs in several wattages that are equivalent up to 75-watt incandescent bulbs. You can choose your own color temperature as well, from 5000K brighter, whiter light that resembles the sun, down to 2700K warm light for a cozier atmosphere. Our industrial-quality fluorescents are used in restaurants, garages, display areas, task stations and many other places to be more productive or to improve safety. We have several levels of lamp quality with prices that match any budget. By choosing MEBULBS, you trust a company that has been leading the lighting industry since 1974 and emphasizes the best product quality and customer service. Call us today!