Two-pin CFL lamps from MEBULBS™ gives your organization the flexibility it needs for commercial lighting. These plug-in base compact fluorescents work with older magnetic ballasts and are purposefully designed so you can only plug in the types of bulbs that your system is meant to run. The pin types and blocks are rearranged based on differences in wattages and bulb shapes, so you never accidentally short out a bulb or fixture by connecting the wrong lamp. We carry both twin and quad 2-pin lighting that offers the high-quality light and longevity you need for offices, lobbies, desk lamps and other business uses.

Our engineers have developed Premira™ fluorescent technology that outshines standard CFL lamps in every way imaginable. The Xtrabrite™ phosphors shine up to 62 percent brighter than standard lamps while beaming a crisp light that mimics natural sunlight. This brilliant glow uses more than 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, giving you better light that is more productive while costing less money in the long run. Our specifications call for a minimal amount of mercury to reduce environmental and personal hazards, and the mercury that’s there is triple distilled to increase the lamp’s longevity.

MEBULBS has two-pin CFL lighting in many wattages and color temperatures. Whether you want a soft warm light for recessed office lighting or a 150-watt equivalent with a crisp glimmer to illuminate garages and work bays, you can find them here at a great price. Xtreme Duty™ industrial CFLs are guaranteed for up to three years of use and start in temperatures as low as 0 degrees, making them useful in a variety of environments. Commercial and residential quality lamps are available as well that are as good as or better than what any big box store carries. Contact us to learn more about these premium-construction CFLs that save natural resources, labor and money wherever you plug them in.