In addition to offering quality bulbs and light fixtures at different price points, we also stock a wide selection of ballasts. You’ll find our Xtreme Duty™ line of fluorescent ballasts and coil HID ballast kits, as well as ballasts in our commercial duty and residential lines. We have the lighting equipment you need for both your application and your budget. Our Xtreme Duty fluorescent ballasts are for 4-foot or 8-foot T8 or T12 lamps, and warranties for these industrial grade ballasts range from 15 to 50 years. There are Xtreme Duty core and coil ballasts for HID lamps including high pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide probe start (standard) or pulse start metal halides. The core and coil ballast kit includes core and coil ballast, starter, igniter and mounting hardware.

Choose from Different Fluorescent Ballast Styles

Ballasts are available in different types — rapid start, instant start and programmed. In rapid start ballasts, a preheating method is used so that when you turn on the light, it comes on immediately. Rapid start ballasts do not flicker like standard fluorescent ballasts do, but they’re not as energy efficient as other styles. These types of ballasts are also not recommended in colder environments. Instant start ballasts don’t use preheating, but instead, a high voltage is sent across the lamp when it’s switched on. These types of ballasts typically use less energy than rapid start ballasts. They’re also reliable in low temperatures down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Programmed start ballasts are usually used with motion or occupancy sensors for intelligent lighting that provides optimal efficiency. These are also recommended for low temperature environments like outdoor lights or in freezers.

Understanding the MEBULBS™ Product Lines

Since 1974, MEBULBS has been providing our customers with industry expertise and quality lighting for every budget. Our three product lines are designed for home, commercial and industrial applications, and are priced accordingly. Our residential line is comparable to what you’d find in a big box store, only better. The commercial grade lighting, fixtures and ballasts are made for reliable daily use by businesses such as retail facilities, bars and restaurants. The Xtreme Duty product line is intended for those businesses that demand the very best, with long-term warranties. If you need help in finding the right products for your situation, give our expert team a call.