Fluorescent Tubes

MEBULBS™ fluorescent lights are unlike any others on the market. Our lighting engineers are committed to designing residential and commercial products that will save you energy and money. With that in mind, we have developed industrial fluorescent lamps that lead the industry in light quality and longevity. Our replacement fluorescent bulbs are made to our specifications in the world’s top manufacturing facilities with stringent quality control to ensure you get the best product. In addition to standard linear fluorescent lighting, we also carry U-bend fluorescent lights and circular fluorescent lights for areas with limited space. Whether you need a T8, single pin bulb or a high-output T12, we have a solution that’s right for you.

Ordinary fluorescent bulbs are known to emit dim light, give off annoying glare and carry high levels of mercury. Xtreme Duty™ fluorescents have a unique design and components that make them brighter, longer-lasting and more environmentally friendly. The use of Cathode Shields allows them to maintain 95 percent brightness, giving you better efficiency while eliminating end-blackening. Their Extended Life Phosphors (ELP) are substantially brighter than standard lamps and provide more accurate visual colors. By using up to 70 percent less mercury than residential bulbs, they are better for the environment.

These industrial fluorescent tubes come in all shapes and sizes for your office building, manufacturing plant, factory, warehouse or medical facility. We guarantee they will last in these settings — up to 15 years for some bulbs. We also have commercial-duty and residential fluorescents, giving you quality and price options for any need. If you are not sure which option is the best one, our expert engineers and representatives are here to assist you. We take as much pride in solving lighting problems as we do in designing bulbs and provide personalized service for every account. Contact MEBULBS today to learn more about the best fluorescent bulbs on the market!


Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent, and HID lamps contain mercury as part of their operational design, required to create light.

Some lamps are TCLP-compliant.  Dispose according to local, state, or federal laws.