Halogen lamps from MEBULBS™ will help you get a leg up wherever you have recessed or track lighting. We have been designing and developing better lighting solutions since 1974, and our halogen lighting is second to none for brightness and efficiency. Shop our selection of halogen PAR lamps for flood lighting, MR16 lamps for directional light, double ended bulbs for work or yard lights and single ended bulbs for chandeliers and wall mounts. Our Xtreme Duty™ halogen bulbs are fully dimmable to get the brightness level just right. And unlike HPS or metal halide lamps, they turn on instantly with no warm-up period.

Both incandescent and standard halogen lamps have a number of problems, including short lifespan, light that’s yellow or dim, output loss and an energy-wasting design. But MEBULBS has upped the ante with the use of Xtrabrite™-IX™ in each of our bulbs. This technology increases brightness and efficiency while maintaining 98 percent light output. The use of Vibra-Shok® disks adds filament support to resist vibrations and prevent premature burnouts. And the nickel/brass base reduces freezing and corrosion compared to aluminum. The result is a bright, warm glow that scores 100 on the Color Rendering Index and lasts up to 15 times longer than standard halogen or incandescent reflectors – that’s a lot fewer changes!

Our industrial halogen lamps emit light that’s ideal for stages, art displays, automotive shops, film production, under-cabinet lights, security lamps and more. By using Xtrabrite halogens, you’ll use up to 41 percent less energy than other halogens while producing less heat. Since halogen bulbs are mercury-free, you’ll do better for the environment on multiple fronts. At MEBULBS, we have halogen replacement lamps at prices to meet every budget in a variety of wattages, base sizes, beam patterns and face types. Our knowledgeable representatives are eager to help you find a lighting solution that saves money now and later, so call or email us today to learn more about our halogen lighting!