High Pressure Sodium

These high-pressure sodium bulbs (HPS bulbs) have been used as street lamp lights and for highly effective security lighting for decades. They put out a yellow-toned, high intensity light. Our HPS lamps are available in standard single arc or the rapid restrike, extended life double arc. You can choose from 35 watts through 1000 watts, and either medium or mogul base, depending on your application. The double arc lamp restarts immediately if the power is turned off. The single arc lamp might take several minutes to produce light. Our single arc HPS lamp is guaranteed for 5 years and the double arc HPS lamp is guaranteed for 8 years.

Benefits of High-Pressure Sodium HID Bulbs

HPS bulbs produce twice the light output of mercury lamps and have a lifespan of approximately 24,000 hours, which is far greater than incandescent lights. Their yellow-hued light doesn’t attract bugs, making them great as outdoor security lights where there is considerable foot traffic.

Uses for HPS Bulbs

In addition to street lamps and security lighting, HPS lamps are also frequently used in greenhouses, as they make ideal lamps for growing plants. In the security realm, they can be used in parking lots, warehouses, gymnasiums, construction sites and factories.

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