Mercury Vapor

Find overhead lighting for street lamps, factories, gyms, warehouses and many other places in our selection of HID mercury vapor lamps. These gas discharge lights produce brighter, whiter light by shooting an electrical arc through vaporized mercury. Deluxe white phosphors are added to color-correct the natural bluish-green tint. MEBULBS™ has been designing better mercury vapor light bulbs since our inception in 1974, and our current generation of Premira® lamps is on the cutting edge of efficiency and longevity. By using less energy than incandescent or fluorescent lighting while producing an intense output, they will give your indoor or outdoor space the illumination it needs without giant operating costs.

Our bulbs have the longest guaranteed life of any high-intensity discharge mercury vapor lighting with a five-year warranty on our industrial quality products. MEBULBS engineers make these lamps last up to 10 times longer than standard mercury vapor lights by sourcing the best materials and Xtreme Duty™ construction techniques to make their designs into reality. Some of these innovations and features include quartz arc tubes to reduce lumen loss and tri-metallic emitters to help them start faster. Standard HID lamps have high vibration levels that can cause early burnouts, but ours are made with additional internal supports to improve operating stability in any conditions.

While there will always be dangers associated with mercury, we have taken every step to make our lighting safer. Not only are the toughest components used during manufacturing, but each bulb is wrapped in durable individual packaging designed for stacking on storage shelves or in closets. It’s just one of the many ways that MEBULBS looks out for its customers. By setting strict quality controls and making sure they are adhered to, we can bring businesses and municipalities the best mercury vapor lamps that reduce costs and increase safety. Choose from universal burning position lamps in multiple wattages or contact our representatives to learn more about what we have to offer.