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Fluorescent T8 Ballast 2 or 3 Lamps F32 Instant Start 332IE MV 10THD 50 YR (BES733 HEAVY DUTY)

Quality Indicator

  • 50 Year Warranty
  • Annual Savings 62.02
  • Equivalent to 144
  • 120 OR 277 VOLTS
  • 3% Reward $
$57.37 (USD)

Additional Info

  • Power two or three fluorescent lamps using an XtremeDuty™ T8 3321E Ballast from MEBULBS. The electronic ballast works to automatically regulate and power the fluorescent bulbs, preventing damaged caused by too little or too much power reaching the fixture. The ballast is designed to accommodate two or three lamps, and features an instant start function that ensures your lighting is ready when you need it. Fast and reliable, the XtremeDuty™ T8 3321E Ballast works overtime to help conserve energy and save you money. The super-reliable ballasts result in a typical energy savings of $62.02 per year. Ideal for commercial or industrial users, XtremeDuty™ T8 3321E Ballasts from MEBULBS come backed by a 50-year warranty. They can be installed in new lighting fixtures or added to an existing fixture to improve the system's efficiency and power. Improve performance while saving energy by ordering an XtremeDuty™ T8 3321E Ballast from MEBULBS.
  • 332IE/MV/10/50 (BES733 HEAVY DUTY)