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Brand New Designer Strip LED Fixtures Bring a Classy Look to Your Work Environment

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

This new fixture is ideal for continuous row use in a variety of environments. Be it inside of warehouses, retail stores, hallways, or stairwells, this fixture will provide you with low glare light. It can even be used within parking garages so long as it does not get exposed to rain, and can continue to function even down to 20 below! This fixture has no glass in its construction, instead using an opaque, white plastic lens for low glare. It can be wall or surface mounted, fitted onto pipes via stem mounting, or hung from chains. As for the voltage, this product can handle anywhere from 120 Volts to 277 Volts.


This product comes in 2 ft, 4 ft, and 8 ft varieties, and can be used with a 0-10 Volt dimmer. The 2 foot variant is 20 Watts, and can replace up to two F20 T12s, or one F40. It comes in 4,000k & 5,000k colors. The 4 foot variant was 4256 lumen, but is now 4620 lumen. It also was 38 Watts, but is now 35 Watts. Along with being able to be used with a motion sensor, this product boasts the ability to have 30% energy savings and a design allowing them to be butted together. This product is great for most environments, from stairwells and hallways to bakeries and food processing areas.

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