Light Bulbs Fluorescent Tubes Linear T8 Bipin F32T8 5700K VITALUX XB PLUS XD4 10YR

  • COLOR: VITALUX Xtrabrite Plus 5700K
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  • F32T8 5700K Vitalux XB Plus Xtreme Duty™ fluorescent lamps from MEBULBS are designed to save time and money. The high-performance lighting solutions offer a direct replacement for standard fluorescent bulbs, but utilize extended-life phosphors, which delivers 93 percent lumen maintenance. That means the bulbs will shine brighter, longer, requiring fewer changes and less time spent on maintenance. For business owners that value efficiency, that means fewer disruptions to the workplace and more efficiency. F32T8 5500K Vitalux Xtreme Duty™ fluorescent tubes from MEBULBS measure 48 inches long and fit in most standard fixtures. The bulbs have a medium bipin base and are easy to install. They are intended for indoor use and should be installed in locations where the temperature does not drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Xtreme Duty™ bulbs are TCLP-compliant and contain low mercury for an eco-friendly lighting solution.
  • F32T8/VL+8657TC/10YR

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