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Light Bulbs Incandescents A19 60W REPLACEMENT Shatterguard Coated medium 60A19 MW SG 12MW

Quality Indicator

Quality Indicator

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Annual Savings 7.36
  • Equivalent to 60
  • A19
  • 4 7/16 in. M.O.L.
  • 4% Reward $
$6.92 (USD)

Additional Info

  • Avoid accidents, improve efficiency and reduce maintenance by ordering Xtreme Duty™ Multi-Watt Safety-Coat 60A19 Frost Light Bulbs from MEBULBS. The shatterguard coated bulbs are designed to resist shattering when broken, preventing dangerous accidents and time-consuming cleanups. The bulbs are a great choice for schools, hospitals and other similar environments. They have a standard medium base that means they fit easily into existing fixtures for a seamless integration into the environment. The Xtreme Duty™ line of bulbs are known for their exceptional efficiency and energy savings. The Multi-Watt Safety-Coat 60A19 Frost Light Bulb saves up to $7.36 annually in energy costs and is a great investment for large-scale operations. The safety coating does not affect the clarity or color of the bulb, which is frosted to deliver a soft glow. This bulb is made in the U.S. and comes with a one-year warranty.
  • 60A19/MW/SG/12MW
  • Not eligible for shipping to the following states: CA