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Medium and Large Wallpack Fixtures Provide Versatile Outdoor Lighting

Friday, June 5, 2020

These fixtures provide a great solution for retrofitting lighting in outdoor environments, as they are designed to fit where previous fittings were. They are IP65 rated for outdoor use and are perfect for use around public buildings, industrial facilities, apartment buildings, storage facilities, loading docks, and more. These products provide an easy replacement for outdated metal halides or high pressure sodium wallpacks. Additionally, they come with up to 74% energy savings and an up to 7-year warranty!


These fixtures are 40, 60, 80, or 120 watts and 120-277 volts. They are also great for cold weather applications due to being instant on. These wallpacks have an optional light-channeling glare shield, which can be purchased separately. A photo cell can also be purchased separately, effectively converting the wallpack into dusk to dawn lights with no need to flip switches. The photo cell can be affixed to the top or the sides of the fixture. Overall, these wallpacks will provide a versatile and reliable product for security lighting and beyond.

Medium Wallpack selection

Large Wallpack selection

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